Clinic for Physiological Medicine

Birger Feldt


I worked with Quality Assurance Engineering for 17 years and with some major Danish production facilities, like off-shore and ship production at the shipyard “Lindoe”. I took a major decision to save my daughter, who was afflicted with BIH (Benign Intracranial Hypertension) disease condition.


In 1997, my daughter, who was then 9 years old, was diagnosed to have high pressure in the brainfluid, also called CSF. As caring parents we sought for help for one and a half years from several medical doctors to save our daughter from this condition. We followed their advice and when a college mate of my wife gave her the English description of the disease, we realized for the first time, that the doctors had limited knowledge of this disease.


At that time, the doctors did their best, but could only suggest an insertion of a shunt to take away the high pressure. However, she never got the shunt inserted, as doctors declared during her last visit on the hospital, that her vision was restored. Luckily she never got a shunt. Short time after her last visit on the hospital, a doctor told us, that our daughters vision and eyes was restored. An other person from the eyesection on the hospital told us, that an optometrist in the town was able to do something, they could not do at the hospital (also not the main hospital “Riget” in Copenhagen we found out later). We of course tried this advise.


Special medicated glasses prescribed to her by the optometrist enabled her miraculously to read a complete book without any difficultly. Previously she could hardly read one sentence in the 6th class. Subsequently, we continued to manage her disease by changing her glasses for a new one, each time she experienced an attack, or seizure. She used 5 pairs of different meicated glasses in 3 years. She graduated the 10th class with best result.

In 1999 I started studying basic medicine and in the years 2000 to 2003, I additionally took the study in CST (Cranio Sacral Therapy). During this period of our daughters first treatment, she noticed, that a symptom had disapeared just after a treatment and we notised a significantly improved health condition in the months after.

In the Cranio Sacral Therapy the technique of feeling and stopping the CSF pulsation by your hands and examine the correct connection between the cranium bones is an ability, that is to be trained. It is not easy for your nerves in the fingers to feel such small movings, but when you become a specialist after hundrets or even thousands of treatments, you can manipulate and place the misaligned cranium bones correct. This basic education is nescessary to learn, when you work on head and the spinal column. It's easy to stop the high pressure in the brain, everybody can do that, but if you have the condition, it schould be treated. The disease BIH is the brain calling for help.


In 2002 In Rote Kreutz Hospital, st. Peter Ording, Germany, I learned to work on paralysed nerves on a Danish doctor, who was paralyzed after an embolia. In the year 2003 I had a paralyzed face myself and it only took 3 days getting rid of it by using these techniques. After that I have been helping a lot of paralysed people to recover to full activity. It's very effectively and many facial paralysis have been gone in a week. This knowledge is basic in all treatments today, in order to obtain positive results.

In the brain sciense, several disease cases is described. Some cases are very rare and some of them shows details, that make you wondering. When you read many of these cases, your wondering make a picture emerge of how the brain is working, and when the first theory is proven, the next is easier, it just comes during the process.


Between 2004 and 2007, the practice of my science study began to yield positive results. In September 2007, I diagnosed the cause of my daughter's disease. Of significance is the possibility to heal it by working on the nerves and ensuring, that the craniumbones were at the right positions and that the spinal column was without detects.

I have helped more than 500 patients with BIH. Currently, BIH is one of the most common diseases treated in my clinic. More than 2000 patients have been to my clinic from many countries, such as Norway, Sweeden, Greenland, Germany, England, Ireland, Belgium and others. I have made a studie in Asia and having important positive results yielded back home. I am very grateful for pioneering this therapeutic science, whose treatments are almost always a succes.

This knowledge has now lead to the belief, that other seemingly incurable diseases after all can be cured. cancer cannot be cured by these techniques. The only cancer, that can be affected is mild skincancer and maybe early stage of Leukemia. In the case of the growth of bad cells, specialist medical intervention will be required.