Clinic for Physiological Medicine
Health Resort  ~  Treatment Stay at the Clinic


A stay at the clinic is a normally 3 days concentrated stay, where the back will be corrected and normally painfree. The bones sits on their right place and the muscles relaxes.

We have 2 rooms. They are livingroom with TV, a small kitchen, bedroom and dining room.

It means, that you can have a concentrated and effective treatment, where the quality of the treatment is important

After the treatments, you can recover by enjoying the big garden, walking in the vallley or in the hills, seeing TV or read a book as you like


The Rooms is on first floor and the clinic, toilet and bath is in ground floor. Wheelchairsusers can stay at the local hotel.


The Specialty of the clinic is to locate and correct the faults and the gain is to do correct them before you leave.

  • Headaches
  • Tension Headaches
  • Migraine
  • Hortons Headache
  • Trigeminus Neuralgi
  • BIH ~ Benign Intracraniel Hypertension
  • Whiplash damages
  • Tinnitus
  • Back Problems ~ scolioses
  • Symphysis joint paint / Hip- / Lower-back Pain
  • Stress / Stressrelated diseases
  • Depressiones

  • Read more about our specialties on the clinic site

    The Treatments are individual, something is easy and quick and others takes longer time. So call us and ask if and how we can help you.

    ... Possible for kold and hotwater pools (15 minuttes)

    Highfühnen is a nice area to explore. Here is the many offers of the special nature from the iceage. Here is artists, attractions, castles and small villages.

    In less than ½ an hour you reach Odense and Assens, 5-10 minuttes more you reach Middelfart, Fåborg, Nyborg, Bogense og Kerteminde, Odense is also a harbour city through the Fjord, the rest is all wonderful citties at the sea

    Highfühnen is a popular cycle area, and on the bike you have the time to it all.